“It is through wonder that men now begin and originally began to philosophize. Now he who wonders and is perplexed, feels that he is ignorant (thus the myth-lover is in a sense a philosopher, since myths are composed of wonders)”

– Aristotle, 1933

I’am Elaine Bakker, born 20-06-1994 in The Netherlands, an autodidact artist. I love to wonder. I keep questioning and observing the known and most logic things. By translating my wonder in my work, I try to inspire you to really see, feel and interpretate your own observation.

For me; art is an object which any individual can interpratate individualy. What I see in my work; carefully picked colors, concrete lining and shaping, layering, contrast and a lot of intuitive choices. Favorites: Paper backgrounds, color pencils and mixed-media.